Apple To Switch MacBook Processors From Intel To ARM-Cortex?

There are a lot of devices around at the moment that are either using processors from ARM or plan on doing so. One that is being talked about at the moment is the Apple iPhone 5 where the plan is to get it running with the same one that’s featured in the iPad 2, the ARM Cortex-A5 chip.

Another device that is on its way that gamers will be aware of is the NGP, this also will be running with the ARM Cortex processor. With so many high profile handheld devices coupling up with ARM it had to be a matter of time before some of the larger devices started to make the switch. We are hearing that Apple is to switch the MacBook processors from Intel to ARM-Cortex’s and we want to know what you think about it.

We first read a report about this over on where their author Arnold Kim is talking about Apple’s heavy investment in ARM architecture and that a transition of the MacBook line over to ARM from Intel . One of the great selling points about the ARM processors is that they require very little power to run which is certainly appealing to a lot of manufacturers (especially in the handheld market).

There’s also a pretty informative article over at by Charlie Demrjian that talks about how ARM are looking to move into the high performance computing market in the future with rumors of hitting the 64-bit space. This transition isn’t going to happen any time soon we don’t think but it certainly could in the future. After all, ARM processors are quite a lot cheaper than those of Intel but can you put a price on quality?

Do you think Apple is doing this purely to increase their profit margins? Can you see ARM and Apple working well together on the MacBook line? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.