Angry Star Wars Fans Tweet “Letdown” About May 4th Secret

The 4th of May is declared “Star Wars Day” by some, as a result of the date sounding like the classic catchphrase, “may the force be with you”. Star Wars fans over the world use the day to celebrate that galaxy far far away, but this year there was extra excitement due to a surprise announcement from George Lucas.

It was claimed that “all would be revealed” and as the clock ticked down a huge amount of traffic caused the site to crash at the complete wrong moment. Yahoo has reported that “” started to redirect visitors to a different site showing the latest 20th Century Fox movie trailers, rather than imparting the secrets of the Jedi.

Die hard Star Wars fans were furious about the site crashing and were even more so when they found out about what the big surprise was. It turns out that the revelation was that all 6 movies were being brought out on Blu-ray. The collection will go on sale internationally on 12th September and in North America on 16th September.

Disappointed fans let their anger be known on Twitter, with one user writing “That was announced in January. @StarWars you have failed me.” The let down clearly was unforgivable as another livid fan tweeted “Again, us loyal fans have been cheated with another release of digitally “enhanced” nonsense. At least we can look forward to the return of Star Wars in 3D to our cinemas, lets hope its not the cheap useless version. Were you let down by the news of another Star Wars Blu-ray release? Let us know what you were expecting from the announcement.