Twitter Integration with TV: Increasing Growth

It wasn’t long ago that most of us were sceptical about how much impact Twitter integration with TV could have but it seems that not only is it having an impact but is actually a reason for increased viewing figures. The growth in this area over the last year was highlighted recently with the Royal Wedding and looks set to rise further.

Twitter hashtags and usernames are now evident across TV and Twitter now plays a part in several mainstream TV shows. For example ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” Sync for iPad encourages social sharing. Another example of Twitter integrating with TV includes tweets being added to “An Idiot Abroad” on the Science Channel. Also “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” featured actors tweeting in the show and a ‘Sunny Tweets’ app, which allowed users to interact, according to Brenna Ehrlich over on Mashable. Ehrlich also points to the increased viewing figures for the 2010 Grammy Awards, thought to be partly due to social interaction with the show.

Another recent event, the Super Bowl, obtained the highest audience ever for a TV show in the US. Surely it’s not a coincidence that this happened when there was also phenomenal interest on Twitter with tweets per second reaching a record at that time? Twitter has now posted a video on its blog post illustrating the connection between Twitter and TV and the fact that Twitter is driving viewer engagement with TV shows. You can see the video below this story.

Do you agree that social interaction with TV shows helps to drive up viewing figures? Do you actively use Twitter when watching TV? Let us know with your comments.