Pre-Warning: Mother’s Day Scams Could Hit Facebook

When you think about Facebook and the masses of users it has you can certainly start to understand why it’s one of the top places that we see all the different scams hitting. Recent ones include a couple of rounds of Osama Bin Laden malware since his death.

It seems that the scammers rely on things happening around the world, events and celebrities seem to be the most popular ones. Still we wanted to send a reminder, a pre-warning that Mother’s Day scams could hit Facebook. Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and will be here this Sunday May 8th so be careful about what you click on.

We expect there to be people trying to give you “Great deals” on Mother’s Day gifts and’s Jackie Cohen suggests that you don’t open any attachments from unknown senders which you shouldn’t do anyway and don’t proceed with any online transactions or online shopping on an unsecured public network.

We haven’t seen any of them so far but someone that has is the author over at where they are talking about the phishing scams that they are seeing on email which will undoubtedly spill over into social networking. Remember to be vigilant and share this with your friends, perhaps we can stop anything spreading before it starts!

Have you seen any Mother’s Day scams so far this year? Let us know in the comments section below