MacBook Pro Firmware Update v1.4 Available Now – Plus EFI

There’s no doubt that the refreshed Apple MacBook Pro, released in February, has been hugely popular, especially with the new Sandy Bridge processors and Thunderbolt ports, (now introduced on the just-refreshed iMac). The new MacBook Pros weren’t without issue though and now we have news of a firmware update v1.4, which should solve a few of these issues.

The update is available now, along with a separate EFI update (version 2.1), which is also being rolled out. Various concerns about the latest MacBook Pros had been noted including users having difficulties when outputting video through the new Thunderbolt port and also freezing glitches. The software update now available, v1.4, should solve these issues with graphics stability and 3D improvements, and better support for Thunderbolt and external display devices, according to Vlad Savov over on Engadget.

As well as this the EFI update should solve another problem that some reported on their new Pros, namely Intel’s Turbo Boost being disabled. You can use the Pro built-in software update to get the latest firmware or go to Apple here for the v1.4 update or Apple here for the EFI update 2.1. If you want to find out more about the latest MacBook Pro then head to the product page at here.

Did you have any glitches on your MacBook Pro? Once you have the firmware updates let us know if any issues have been solved by sending us your comments please.