Facebook: Here’s How To Hide Recent Activity

Facebook has become the biggest social network in the world and with that has also become the target of many different malware attacks; some of the ones we have reported on recently include two bouts of Osama Bin Laden laced posts, an email scam and the Twilight game that was also loaded with malware.

If you follow OSM regularly then you will know that we like to report on the latest Facebook updates where we try and gain your opinions on them, some of them are fine and don’t cause any problems such as the post button being removed, others are opposed by some who simply don’t like change. Now we have something else to talk to you about with Facebook. We wanted to talk to you about how to hide your recent activity on your wall.

It’s a newly developed part of Facebook and it’s easy to use. It works for a number of different things, so far we have tried it with ‘Liked’ pages, friend confirmations and comments that we have added to Facebook. All you do is move to the X for the type of activity that is appearing on your profile and then select ‘Hide All ****** Activity’ as shown below.

Once you have clicked and told your page to hide that activity, you are then greeted by a confirmation box. If you want to get rid of all your comments on other people’s walls which you might want to then click on “Hide All”. Low and behold once you have clicked on it they have disappeared. As mentioned by allfacebook.com’s Nick O’Neill if you wish to get the displayed things back then head to the bottom of your page and click on “Edit Options” where you get another box with options, if you don’t want something to be hidden anymore, hit the X and then click save.

Will you be hiding any activity on your Facebook page? Let us know in the comments section below.