Facebook, Google & Skype: Talks to Purchase or Tie-Up

Big news today is that well-known tech name, Google and social networking giant Facebook, are both in talks to buy or tie-up with Skype, the web video conferencing service. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO has reportedly been involved in moves to purchase or tie-up with Skype and Google has also expressed an interest and has held early talks to discuss a joint venture with Skype.

According to Nadia Damouni and Clare Baldwin of Reuters, several sources have divulged the news about Facebook and Google’s interest in Skype. The unnamed sources say that developments are in the early stages and it’s not yet apparent whether the preference is to purchase or move into a joint venture. Skype’s planned IPO (initial public offering) has been delayed but is still scheduled to go ahead later this year. Apparently Skype is also discussing plans with other interested companies too.

One of Reuter’s sources says that any deal with Skype could be valued at between $3 and $4 billion and other sources state that it’s anticipated that Skype’s IPO will raise around $1 billion. Both Skype and Google have declined to comment on these reports while Facebook has not commented so far.

What are your thoughts on Skype delaying its IPO? Is either Google or Facebook a more obvious choice than the other to get involved with Skype? Let us know with your comments.