Facebook: Find Out Who Visits Your Profile – It’s Another Scam

Social media has become something more valuable that people would ever have thought; now you see many companies large and small with their own Facebook and Twitter pages. With that being the case it has also become the target for many different types of cyber attack.

One of the most common forms of scam that we are seeing these days is through Facebook, the crooks wait for something big to happen in the world such as Osama Bin Laden being killed and then use it to their advantage. An example would be that when Bin Laden was announced dead, a post was going around Facebook saying that you could watch a video of it with a doctored image on it. Now there’s another one that’s going around Facebook, “Find out who visits your profile”, you guessed it, it’s another scam!

This one you might have seen going around some of your friends as it says that it can tell you who has been checking your profile out. This could be of interest to someone who has recently split up with their partner to see if they have been checking it out if you are single to see who has an interest in you.

Once you have taken the bait and clicked on the “click here” you get whisked off to another page called “Profile Peekers”. These cheeky monkeys leave you some instructions on what to do, they ask you to like hit the like button on your page and then copy some code from a box and paste it into your browser. We and Facecrook’s author are in agreement that you should NEVER paste any code that you find into your browser as you can bypass security.

Uh Oh, I’ve clicked it already! If you are one of these people then don’t worry, go through your news feed hitting the X on anything you see relating to the scam and then follow our guide to make sure you don’t have any linked liked pages associated with your profile.

Have you seen this guy floating around your Facebook friends? Share it with your Facebook friends so that we can try and put an end to this scam! Tell us how often you see it in the comments section below.