Beyonce’s School Dance Appearance Is A Star On YouTube

Just last week we were talking about Beyonce and the possibility of her having to part with an enormous sum of money in the court room. Well this week looks a little brighter as she made a surprise guest appearance at a New York school.

A spectator was video recording footage of a dance class, when the diva made her entrance and sent the kids wild with excitement. What was more even special for the dancing students was that Beyonce joined in the dance routine, showing off her fantastic moves. Was it a coincidence that a Beyonce song just happened to be playing at the time of entrance? We think not.

The pop queen made her appearance at PS 161 Pedro Albizu Campos middle school in Harlem, on the 3rd of May according to Mashable. The video was uploaded to YouTube on the same day and has already amassed over 455,000 hits, so it looks like we could easily have another viral video in the making. Feel free to take a peek at the dance video that we have embedded below.

Beyonce’s guest appearance was to help Michelle Obama’s “Lets Move” campaign which combats childhood obesity. Having a celebrity as big as Beyonce standing next to you getting her freak on may be a good incentive to burn off a few calories. Lets hope that this good deed helps the pop star’s image, after it was recently tarnished by a potential $100 million lawsuit because of a video game drop out.