The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Trailer Becomes YouTube Hit

Those of you who are regular followers of OSM you will already know that we like to bring you some of the best videos that are going viral on YouTube. Some of our recent entries include Justin Bieber getting Casey The Punisher Heynes up on stage at his recent concert and the latest episode of Mortal Kombat Legacy.

Something we don’t get to report to you often is game trailers as they don’t always do too well on YouTube. However we have one to talk to you about today, it’s The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword trailer and it has become a YouTube hit since it was uploaded a few days ago.

We first saw the new gameplay at GDC 2011 back in March but the trailer wasn’t available anywhere, now we have heard through that it’s now available on YouTube. This is great as we are expecting to hear more about the new game in the series at E3 2011 in June as well as the new Nintendo console.

The Legend of Zelda games have been popular for years; I personally remember playing it on the GameBoy and Super Nintendo with titles such as ‘Link’s Awakening’ and ‘A Link to The Past’. One other that was very popular featured on the Nintendo 64 and has now been re-made for the Nintendo 3DS which is ‘The Ocarina of Time’. There were a couple of cartoony releases that in my eyes didn’t go down too well but they look to have taken the gameplay back to the Nintendo 64 style. Check it out at the bottom of the article.

What do you think of The Legend of Zelda series? Let us know your thoughts on the gameplay trailer in the comments section below.

  • Damon

    Play it backwards and the theme music becomes the original zelda theme!