Sony PSN Still Not Back Up: Pointing The Finger At Anonymous

For all you frustrated PlayStation 3 players that just can’t wait to get back in front of your system to play your favorite or new games across the PSN or if you have been following the reports that have come out, then you will be interested to know that there’s a new update to talk about.

Whilst the Sony PSN is still not back up they are pointing the finger at Anonymous aka ANON. This is a group that was formed following Sony’s treatment of the hacker GeoHot who managed to expose the unlock code for the PS3. He was then dragged through the courts by Sony and now take look at the results.

The latest update from Sony says that they found a file that was planted on one of the Sony Online Entertainment servers named “Anonymous” with the words “We are Legion”. Now unless there’s someone out there who is very clever and trying to cover their tracks by passing the buck, then that’s pretty conclusive wouldn’t you say? Perhaps it’s a member of ANON that is acting alone, all we know is that Sony has had to completely rebuild their infrastructure because of this external intrusion.

This follows after ANON released a strange video that basically said it wasn’t them but those files match what is said at the end of the second video at the bottom of this article. We will let you know if we hear anymore updates, in the mean time just keep playing your offline games for now until the PSN does eventually come back up.

What do you all think? Was this ANON acting collectively or maybe it’s a lone wolf acting out of retaliation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • NONA

    sounds pretty fair to me if they can do it once you can be sure they, he or she will do it again

  • MFAK


  • bobby

    good shit im glad they did that we should be able to do whatever we want with the ps3's we bought

  • d455

    nerds trying to seem cool "we are legion" we get it youre mysterious. get a life

  • Colleen Hicks

    A company as big as sony should have done a better job to protect themselves they should employ someone with a hacking background to develop better security. The down time sucks, but its a a wake up call to those who run the gaming industry. Stop looking at hackers as a problem they are your solution. They prob don't have a degree but their abilities far surpass those that do.

    • Austen Burness

      exactly right colleen well said.

  • Jordan Gibbons

    We Do Not Forgive
    We Do Not Forget
    We Do Not Get Laid