Sony PSN Service Resumes By End Of May: Shares Slowly Rise

Electronic giants Sony have been facing much criticism since the 20th April when the PlayStation Secure Network went down, causing huge disappointment for many of its gamers. Here at OSM we have been keeping you up to date with the latest goings on, and just this week Tim reported how Japan would start to have a resumed service with others following. To add another blow to Sony‘s reputation, we then gave you news that as well as the PSN service going down after hackers invaded it and possibly delved into personal information, Sony’s Online Entertainment service was also affected.

We gave you news on a Sony conference held on Sunday just gone, where apologies were given to gamers as well as news of the company rectifying the downtime. Over at, they have given us news that in fact the service may be down until the end this month.

In part of a statement from one of the head honchos “Hirai” he said, “We’re very sorry for causing troubles and worries to our customers. The company is co-operating with authorities including the Federal Bureau of Investigation to chase the intruder.”

As an apology, news from Sunday’s conference led us to believe that Sony will be enticing its customers by way of a “Welcome Back” campaign. As well as this, it has been reported that Sony may help in terms of paying for fees to re-issue customer credit cards, that may have been affected and possible compensation to cards used by the hackers.

Along with this, the implications will be felt with having to fund legal representation and finding ways of upping their security. In the long run this may have a detrimental effect on Sony’s revenue, a big loss.

In terms of shares, it was noted that this in itself is gradually rising and the figure is up by a slow 2.5% with an ending figure of 2,316 yen in Tokyo reported today. The PSN outage has no doubt contributed to this with the service now being down since the 20th April. This could possibly be harmful when compared to gaming and film services from Microsoft and Apple.

Other news to follow on from this, is that when the PSN service finally gets up and running, indications are pointing to a new firmware 3.61 update which may contain new features? This is likely to require users to change their current account passwords to something new. To find out more on this head on over to

Tell us if you are in Japan and have had the service back up and running? If not, give us your thoughts on possibly waiting another 2/3 weeks?

  • Nelson Estrada

    nnaaaaaa can't be REALLY!!!! this is BS!


    Where on that site does it say it won't be on untill the end of the month? I've read the site an NOWHERE does it say that.!!


    it says "BY THE END OF THE MONTH.." NOT "AT THE END OF THE MONTH! Get your facts straight before posting these articles

  • Mikey

    Well, to my best understanding, it is supposed to be running by the end of the week. It wouldn't surprise me if it's not, considering the delays already. But if it does in fact have to wait until the end of the month, it might tip me over the edge. Hopefully it's back up before Brink is released. This is my main concern. I really don't like Xbox, but if I have to wait til the end of May… who knows, I might switch. Hate to say it

  • Impatience

    did you actually read the article on bloomberg before posting that? if you did two minutes of investigative work you would know that sony said many services including online gaming would brought back up THIS WEEK. now whether or not that actually happens remains to be seen. two other deadlines they set for themselves have come and gone and they just act like its no big deal.

    in any case lots this "journalism" stinking up the internet these days is nauseatingly bad. zero research, late reporting of incorrect information and on and on and on. maybe having a website just isn't a good idea for some of these people.

    • chris

      lol love how all you ps3 fanboys think that you know more than everyone else….psn wont be back on anytime soon lets just put it that way………love how you capitalise THIS WEEK…..everyone was saying 2 weeks ago THIS WEEK…douch

      • Impatience

        if you read my whole post and didn't assume i was a "ps3 fanboy" you would have noticed that i doubt sony's honesty and ability as much as anyone else does. i don't think that's the same as saying i know more than everyone else…

        my post was to point out what sony actually said and to comment on the poor job this article did of representing that information.

        read the whole post next time before you run off at the mouth.

      • xraeted

        I love the fact that you can't even spell 'douche.' Douche.

  • lee

    the full servise may take up to the end of the month ,but the press conference on sunday the 1st of may said online gaming would be up within the week , so that means 7th of may max wait in my book .
    sony been very quite on an update since so fingers crossed it still on track.