New iPad 2 Commercial: What It Means To Professionals

Apple continue to pave the way for other manufacturers by releasing great innovative devices, you only have to look back a short time ago when the original iPad was introduced into what was previously thought to be a dead market. Now their second version has been released and its popularity is rising.

As we know the iPad 2 is facing some pretty stiff competition from the likes of Motorola with the overpriced Xoom and now Sony too with the S1 and S2 that we have recently seen. We also know that the famous PS3 hacker GeoHot has been challenged to crack the bootroom of the iPad 2 by a fellow hacker. Now we can tell you that there’s a new iPad 2 commercial that explains what the device means to professionals.

It has become pretty popular on YouTube after it was uploaded by Apple; it has received more than 33,000 views in a single day. Apple has utilized one of the best forms of advertising by concentrating their efforts on their target audiences. One of the things they talk about in the video that captured us is on the 0:15 marker where they say “To a Teacher, it’s the future” and they are exactly right.

Not just Apple and their iPad models but technology as a whole is helping the world move forward in many different respects, education is perhaps one of the most important ones. If you think back 10 or even 5 years, would you have thought you would be able to do half the things that you can on an iPad? As always, check out the video at the bottom of the article.

What do you think of the clip from Apple? Where do you see the future going for them? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Steve Arn

    Yeah, it’s great commercial and a great tablet, but it’s still just so hard to find one (unless you dont mind waiting a couple of weeks). I know many have had success with, but that’s definitely hit or miss.