Mariah Carey Gets Fans Guessing: Hint – Names Begin With M

Social media has become the place to be over the last few years. We have seen so many different things and just thinking about recent ones, Osama Bin Laden having a fake Twitter profile, David Beckham announcing that his wife Victoria is pregnant on Facebook and now we have something else to report.

You may remember a few days ago, OSM’s Debbie Turner reported that Mariah Carey has had her twins and she announced her joy on Twitter. Well we have an update from there; the superstar with a stunning voice has recently started the games and kept her fans guessing the names of the babies. She has given us a hint that both names begin with ‘M’ from her Twitter page.

There are a few comical suggestions around such as ‘Mini’ and ‘Me’, ‘More’ and ‘Money’ which will hopefully draw a smile to your faces. We first learned that both the baby boy and girl would begin with an M through the where there reported has added an article.

They also mention what Mariah has been referring to them as until the names are revealed, they describe it as affectionately calling them ‘Dem Babies’. She tweeted ‘I wish I could personally thank all those around the world who continue 2 send congrats+prayers for #dembabies! They’re doing great.’

What do you think ‘Dem Babies’ names are going to be? Leave your suggestions in the comments section below and keep it clean guys.