Man United’s Rio & Rooney Tweet About Champions League Win

Social networking has quickly become the focus of many different industries; one of them is the sporting industry that has taken to Twitter like a duck to water. The way that it allows sports stars to be in close contact with their fans and lets them communicate on a much more normal human level is being welcomed by the football stars anyway.

None more so than a couple of the Manchester United players in Rio & Rooney who tonight have been tweeting about their champions league win that they watched from the sidelines. Rio Ferdinand in fact tweeted regularly throughout the game hailing Darren Gibson’s pass to Antonio Valencia for the opening goal saying “If Iniesta had passed that ball people would be salivating! Great ball Gibson for the goal…..ooof great goal Gibbo!!”

Rio also had some support for the Brazilian central midfielder Anderson who managed to grab two goals and he even poked a bit of fun at his “lil jig” celebration. Wayne Rooney on the other hand was full of praise for most of the Manchester United midfield, he tweeted “Gibbo was class tonight schools ran the show. Valencia. World class. Nice to see andow score to. Great team performance.”

He is pretty much spot on, Manchester United dominated the midfield but many people are saying about how poor Schalke were during the game, they are the same people that weren’t saying it before the teams lined up for the first time. Remember Schalke disposed of both Valencia and Inter Milan to get to this point.

Isn’t it great to be able to read players reactions as they watch their team? What do you think of sportsmen being on Twitter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • GSMPedia

    Way to go MAN U now beat the crap out of Barca!