Facebook Testing The Removal Of @ For Person Tagging

Facebook are constantly making changes to their massive social network, some of the recent ones that we have seen include the Facebook Places going global, the new Questions being rolled out and of course the Post button being removed from commenting.

Not all of the changes are welcomed though, an example of this is when Facebook changed the profile views for all users following a trial period and then permanently, many people were angry and frustrated at the changes. Today we can tell you about another one that we have only just noticed, Facebook look to be testing the removal of the ‘@’ for tagging a person in a post.

Facebook also tends to make these changes without too much warning and this one is no different. The changes only seem to be on commenting and your Facebook status, it isn’t constant at the moment although we are sure it will be soon as there’s not really any harm in removing the @ sign and having name only functionality. We are interested to know your thoughts on this.

You have to write the first name exactly as the person you intend to tag has it, this is also case sensitive. The other @ functionality is still working and with it you don’t need to do anything in a case sensitive form.

UPDATE: You can also shorten the name, first start typing their name in, select the intended person and then you can delete the surname if you want to. Check it out on the Facebook page.

What do you think of this little change from the Facebook team? Would you like them to tell us more about the changes they test and implement before they do it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.