Apple iMac Receives Stripdown: Chipset To Provide Fast SSD?

Yesterday the news finally came for many of you, the announcement of the new Apple iMac 2011. On finding out the official specs and pricing, a comparison between the old and new, additional information to give you on a BootCamp 3.2 update and so on, we can now give you a teardown of the device thanks to iFixit.

Over at Pocketlint, the new device complete with the much awaited Sandy Bridge processors and Thunderbolt connection port, has been completely stripped of its innards, well the 21.5-inch model that is. Firstly Ben Crompton reported that on starting the stripdown, it was noted that the use of suction cups had to be used to actually remove the magnetic glass display attached to the body.

On looking at the initial new Thunderbolt inclusion which in itself allows faster data transfer of 10Gbps, the team stated that the feature was somewhat different from Apple’s new MacBook Pro 15-inch laptop. It incorporated a Intel L102IA84 EFL Thunderbolt port IC in its place. For anyone with a ounce of technical experience, will be interested to know that the quad-core 2.5 GHz Core i5-2800S CPU comes with 6MB of Intel Smart Cache with as Pocketlint stated, “the main chips on the GPU board include the AMD Radeon HD 6750M GPU and more.”

In an interesting report by AppleInsider, they too spoke of the new iMac models which will include a new Intel Z68 chipset allowing the SSD a much speedier caching performance, this will be seen as an inclusion on May 11. As reported here at OSM last night, both the 21.5-inch and bigger 27-inch devices will include an option to have a 256GB SSD for a whooping $500.

What are your thoughts on the new refreshed iMacs? Did you order yours yesterday and if so which model did you opt for?