Samsung Galaxy S II / S2 Just Gets Better: Features Gorilla Glass

Here at OSM we’ve been unable to disguise our excitement about the Samsung Galaxy S II (S2) coming to 120 countries on 140 carriers. This is one blazing handset and just when we thought we’d heard it all we now hear that the features are getting even better, with the news that the Galaxy S II uses Gorilla Glass for its display.

We know from response to our many posts on the Galaxy S II that many of you are as excited about this impressive handset as us. Our recent posts include a review roundup (where the experts were just as impressed), a look at the Galaxy S II vs. myTouch 4G Slide on T-Mobile, sales targets of 10 million and one minor drawback that’s been noticed, the lack of a dedicated camera button. Just as we thought the handset could hardly be improved upon we heard about the fact that it’s sporting Gorilla Glass, from Anndrew Vacca over on Android Central.

The Super AMOLED 4.3-inch display on the Galaxy S II is one of the features that has gained this handset some of its highest praise and Corning, who manufacture Gorilla Glass, have confirmed it will continue working with Samsung. Samsung VP of smartphone product planning, Hankil Yoon, said that the use of Gorilla Glass “has enabled super-slim mobility on the high-quality touch display on Galaxy S II.” As Android Central points out, Gorilla Glass is “virtually indestructible,” so if you weren’t impressed already by the Galaxy S II, think again!

TechGadgets also reports on the use of Gorilla Glass in the Galaxy S II and notes that as well as smartphones, Gorilla Glass can also be found on high-end tablets, notebooks and TVs. Now we know then that this phone has a dual-core processor, will be 4G capable, run on the latest Android OS, 2.3 Gingerbread and also features Gorilla Glass. To be frank this smartphone is the one to beat. What are your thoughts on the Galaxy S II and now the confirmation of Gorilla Glass? Can you think of anything that would improve this phone even further? Why not let us know by sending us your comments.

  • Dave

    The next best piece of information about this phone would be *specifically* when it will be available in the US, and from what carriers? All we hear are rumors and speculation. It really might be the best phone ever, but if we never get to buy it, who cares?

    I'm convinced I'd like to have this phone, but have heard nothing but muddled rumors and half-baked suggestions of possible release dates ranging from May 2011 to late Q3 in the US. Surely *someone* knows something….