Google Tops US Reputable Companies List: Tech Rates Highly

We have news today of a new poll of the most reputable companies in the U.S. and technology giant Google tops the list, with other tech companies also rating highly. The Harris Interactive poll measured 60 leading companies and we can tell you some of the best, and some of the worst.

Just some of the factors taken into account to work out each company’s reputation were social responsibility, financial performance, products and services and also vision and leadership with many more categories also being considered, according to Mark Hachman over on PC Mag. Overall it appears that the reputations of top companies are improving with 18 having a “positive reputation growth” and 16 companies receiving a rating of over 80, which is exceptionally high and reckoned to be an “excellent reputation.”

Google in fact scored 84.05 to top the list, beating Johnson & Johnson into second place with 83.13. From the leading 10 companies on the list 4 were technology companies including Google, Apple (fifth), Intel (sixth) and Amazon (eighth). Two other tech companies, Sony and Microsoft, also made it into the top 16 companies which all came in the ‘excellent’ category, in 14th and 16th places respectively. The bottom five companies of those measured were Chrysler (58.37), Citigroup (57.45), Goldman Sachs (53.90), BP (49.82) and finally trailing the list was AIG with a lowly score of 47.77.

Are you surprised at any of the findings in the ratings, including Google topping the chart? Maybe you’re shocked at who is at the bottom of the list? Why not let us know with your comments.