Google Canary: It’s Chrome For The Mac OS X

This is an interesting one for all you Mac users out there who are looking for a safe, secure and fast browser. This is the browser that survived Pwn2Own even though it had a 20k cash prize up for grabs, it managed to see the event through without any type of compromise.

Safari on the other hand didn’t do too well for the iPhone 4, hackers managed to swipe the entire address book within minutes. The Google Chrome version is called Canary for the Mac OS X as Google look to extend their scope onto Apple hardware and establish themselves as the best browser around.

We first learned of this through an article over on where they talk about how it will automatically update and the convenience of synchronizing your bookmarks. They sourced where MG Siegler added an article where he talks about how this is a pre-developed build of Chrome that is meant for users who enjoy testing new things out early and don’t mind encountering the odd bug.

The Google Chrome blog update says that it’s meant to run alongside Chrome and that hundreds of thousands of Windows users helped them to develop Chrome and make it even better. Now they are extending the hand to all you Mac users too. If you want to be one of those testing it out then use this link to get to it.

What do you think of Google’s Chrome Canary? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.