Are You Bored Of Your Nintendo 3DS Already?

There’s no doubt that the new handheld from Nintendo has some pretty cool features such as the 3D camera and the simple fact that you don’t have to wear glasses when you play a game. But a month on has got us wondering… Are you bored of your Nintendo 3DS already?

Once you have done everything on the Nintendo 3DS the novelty of it kind of wears off and the fact that the launch titles didn’t really cut it didn’t help. Only now are we seeing the one game that should have been there bundled on release day which is the remake of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D.

Had that title and another classic in Star Fox 3D been available people would perhaps have been hailing it as the best handheld console there is. There’s an interesting article that pretty much agrees with the things we are saying over on MMGN where their author mentions that the Street Fighter game is cool but he isn’t a diehard fighting game fan. Personally, I am a diehard fighting game fan and to be honest I still prefer the version we saw on the SNES many years ago Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

The author makes a great point about the 3DS and why it has perhaps not been as successful as it could have been, the fact that the online store is still under construction and some of the features continue to be absent like the browser is a major problem. Our fears are that by the time the Webstore comes along and all the (re-vamped) titles are out E3 will be upon us and a host of new consoles will sweep the 3DS under the carpet. Of course we could be wrong here but we would be interested to know your opinions on it.

Are you bored of your Nintendo 3DS already? What mistakes do you think Nintendo made with its release? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Victor

    Not Bored.. i pretty much love it…

  • Keydell

    I feel that the 3ds needs stronger titles such as the Zelda game as well as a Pokemon game and a final fantasy or other great rpg to draw in the crowds…

    Marketing could improve if nintendo released mpo screenshots of upcoming games to be demoed in stores on 3ds devices and for us owners to download and show our friends to spark more interest.

  • Keydell

    I recently downloaded a bunch of MPO screenshots of wii games made into 3d just so I could show my friends what the device is capable of in the future, most of them had no idea the 3d could be so fun. The current games are not that great either and I am eagerly awaiting the May firmware update that should bring some nice functionality, some cheap 3d mini games and maybe some movies would also be nice. Would be fun to watch a 3d movie on the train…

  • Keydell

    The games I play on my 3ds mostly are DS games till decent titles are released for the 3ds.

  • Gamerhenry

    I love my 3DS… even 3D aside is a phenominal handheld. (which is important). But I dont love the games out for it yet… SSF4 is fun… but its not enough to hold my attention until Ocarina of time and other great games hit the shelfs. also is a ways to wait until the 3DS gets the updates it needs to be "complete".

    I think Nintendo took a gamble on this launch…. and as a result they fell a little shorter than expected. The 3DS will bounce back though… its too amazing not too. :)

  • Kenny White

    I LOVE MY 3DS!!!!