Apple New iMac 2011: Updated Bootcamp 3.2 & Additional Info

To the joy of many today, the new Apple iMac 2011 was announced, and although the models resemble their predecessors, there have been changes and for the better. The two main features to speak of are the inclusion of Thunderbolt I/O and Sandy Bridge CPU’s. Along with this, new specs include FaceTime HD standard in place of the iMac iSight cameras and refreshed range of AMD Radeon HD graphics. Here at OSM we have spoken about what features you can expect to get for your hard earned pennies, pricing and your thoughts, a comparison between the 2010 and 2011 models and so on.

Following on from Apple’s news, AppleInsider were keen to share additional information with avid fans of the iMac device. Firstly the issue with Boot Camp which is a new software update set up to fall in line with the new refreshed models. Support and the free download as Softpedia reported, can be found over at The new update 3.2 as its known deals with the issues surrounding Japanese and Korean keyboards on some of the earlier iMac models. In basic terms, the new Boot Camp 3.2 will allow you to run Windows 7 on Intel based Mac computers and as stated, the 638KB update is only accessible for early 2011 model iMacs.

Other information to take note of, is that on ordering the new iMac, something as Debbie here at OSM reported, they are actually available to purchase now with a shipping turn-around time of 24 hours. On choosing your iMac, you will also be given the option of choosing between the Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad at no additional cost. If you decide to purchase both items, then they can be bought together for a price of $69 with AppleInsider reporting that the Apple mouse is an optional item at no additional cost.

Lastly onto the subject of Thunderbolt and its inclusion. It was highlighted that the new 27-inch iMac model will support three displays and that this higher ended model will include two Thunderbolt ports for speedier in and output plus MiniDisplayPort for additional monitors. To find out more on this head on over to AppleInsider or check out Engadget where the team actually tested this out using two 30-inch Dell devices linked up to the 27-inch iMac via the two Thunderbolt ports.

What are your thoughts on the refreshed iMac 2011 models? Are you impressed or slightly disappointed? Have you already ordered or thinking of getting yours now?

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