Twitter Trends: The Week’s Top 10 Updated

It has been a crazy week on Twitter, with so many big topics making news and trending. Following on from Tim Ollason’s post on the top 10 trends this week, we have an updated version, post Royal Wedding. There is a big shake up with some new entries and chart position changes so feel free to look back to our previous chart, where Easter was at the top. As normal our chart has kindly been provided courtesy of Matt Silverman of Mashable, so let’s get started!

We will begin the countdown at number 10 with the phrase “4/20.” This signals the 20th April, which is a counterculture holiday which relates to smoking the drug Cannabis. Ironically the rock band My Chemical Romance is next up, as Tweeters celebrated the birthday of band member Gerard Way. In at 8 are the popular X Factor boy band “One Direction”. The group started trending after a row with fellow boy band “The Wanted”. I think its best to stay out of that one.

Another boy band is entering the chart at 7, it takes no guessing that it is the Jonas Brothers. Their fans are supposedly all have symptoms of “Obsessive Jonas Disorder.” Easter has dropped down from top spot to number 6. Oddly, April Fools Day has re-entered the chart at number 5, with jokes and pranks being spread around the site.

The NBA PLayoffs have stayed in 4th position, where the NY Knicks lost against the Boston Celtics at Madison Square Garden and also about Kobe Bryant Slam Dunking over Emeka Okafor. We predited that Football would top the chart last week, however it only managed 6th spot; it enters the chart update at number 3. The huge talk was about El Classico, which was the Spanish cup final between bitter rivals Barcelona and Real Madrid. A Cristiano Ronaldo goal gave Real the win, and defender Sergio Ramos dropped the trophy off of the celebration bus, where it was sadly crushed.

This week’s runner-up is not a boy band but he is that big he may as well be, its Justin Bieber. The Canadian pop singer reached 9 million Twitter followers and fans re-tweeted “@justinbieber: WOOOHOOOO…BIEBER GONE WILD!!!!”.

Well you probably already guessed it, the Royal Wedding is up 2 places to claim the number 1 spot! The coming together of Prince William and Kate Middleton was watched by an estimated 2 billion, with Twitter going crazy with fans sending their congratulations and best wishes.

Again we were surprised about the exclusion of the PSN Outage, as millions of PS3 gamers have gone over 2 weeks without online play, it should surely appear at some point. So, can the Royal Wedding hold on to the top spot? Find out next week and also leave us your thoughts on the trends and if they were as you expected in the comments.