Sony PSN Back Up In Japan: Everywhere Else Tomorrow?

We are all aware that the PSN has been down for some time now and the updates from the PlayStation blog have been pretty much less than useful. We have reported on it a few times trying to keep you up to day with everything that has been happening from start to finish.

As things stand the latest update that has come from the PlayStation blog talks about what happens when normal services resume where Debbie Turner of OSM has revealed that there are a few services that will be compensated but asks… Is it good enough? It’s a pretty tough question as many gamers will have lost faith because of their credit card details being at risk and already switched over to the Xbox 360. Now we can tell you that the PSN is back up in Japan and want to know if everywhere else will be back tomorrow?

We read about this over at gamrConnect where they say that they cannot confirm its back up but they are hearing from numerous places that it is. Another source reporting this news is, they have a report that says Sony is restoring the service regionally and that Japan are the first up.

Fingers crossed that that we Westerners have the service resumed soon as many people have been chomping at the bit to play Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat 9 online. Not to mention people wanting to feed their Call of Duty addiction by popping some heads! Look out for more reports that it’s back up and live over the next few days.

What do you think of the outage? Is Sony doing enough for those paying for services? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Gerard23

    I Have an xbox360 its the biggest waste of cash ever , it's a dust collector , i wouldnt change from ps to xbox even if live was free , the guys at sony arent really that up front about stuff but for me its somewhere i will always be , i dont care if my card details have been taken cause if they where and its gets used i will hunt that person down and cut there throat's.

    I think we need to give sony a break they are trying there hardest to get things restored for us, i'd rather they worked hard on getting me back online than spending there time updating me on every single thing they do , but i do agree that a final date would be nice ,
    Keep up the good work Sony
    PS for live Xbox for a foot stool

    • Nut n on u

      Stupid fanboy

  • Sk8ter

    i play skate 3 so i'm not very "angry". It is the same fun offline. BUT OF COURSE i want it back up. Hope it will be safe and that it is back up here in Europe at least within this week. 😀

  • jason

    so the ps3 will be up 5/3/11

  • Sam

    Mad Psn user 1 – bro are you mad?
    Mad Psn user 2 – yeah bro.
    Mad Psn user 1 – ok i think i am to, yeah im realy mad.
    Mad Psn user 2 – yeah super mad.
    Mad Psn user 1 – wait! you got my internet back right?
    Mad Psn user 2 – yeah
    Mad Psn user 1 – ok lets go post comments on how mad we are we cant play COD
    Mad Psn user 2 – wait that would make us look like tools.
    Mad Psn user 1 – ok well lets bitch about sony PR instead,after all its all there fault.

    • Sam

      i am willing to bet that even with all the hating flooding the internet rite now,as soon as service is restored actual customer loss will be next to none. these people like to talk shit, and really that's all there doing, talking shit.they all fuel one another.

  • bandon bennett

    for all the people threatning sony about how your going to 360 grow some balls and do it they dont care because negative feed back wont help no one cares your going to 360 just shut the fuck up because no one cares i for one i have an xbox and dont play it i play my ps3 and still are loyal to them it will take some time to get up negative feed back aint going to help them and I am glad they are doing the best they can!!! SO all the HATERS STFU now!

    • andy

      wow you are completely retarded. Sony will bother if people switch over to xbox because its not like its just one person whos going to switch it will be masses and Sony aren't even doing their best as now they are saying they have put extra people on fixing it because they missed the may 4th goal of brining the psn up. If they can put more people on it now why the fuck didn't they put all these people on it at the start and it would have been put back up a lot faster.

    • Mike

      Same, I have both the 360 and the PS3 but still havent touched my 360, Im playing GTA 4 and BO combat training to kill some time, and if i get bored I also have Minecraft. I like both Sony and hackers, since I am a hacker myself. The only thing that is getting me angry is how Sony keeps posting updates that keep saying the same thing over and over again.

  • Phillip

    so you say that it comes up today its now 10:40pm in uk and still not on come on sony just tell us when its gonna be on stop lying to us we aint gonna change to xbox we just want to know what the hell is happening and when its gonna be on

    • meat head

      xbox sux shit anyway, pay to play online????


    **** the gaybox 360 users ps3 all the way

  • Joe

    its may 6th now and still nothing, ive been with playstation since the first console out and never changed but 16 days 17 18 days whatever it is has taken its tole ive over waited and bored… apperently it was ment to be up today / tonight for a double xp weekend with 2 extended days with double xp fpr black op players… but it seems its not back up, i wish they would tell us and exact date surely with all the money and computer wizzes they have employed with sony they can tell us a date were not asking alot we just want a set date. And for all you people converting to xbox-360 have fun with the horrible big controllers and the ugly look of the console and the £45 a year or whatever it is, Playstation is the most advanced machine and always will be ps4 ps5 ps6 whatever it will always smash anything else, i guess peoples patience is running dry… just go out or just relax threw the days or buy a single player game and take your time threw it, PLAYSTATION / SONY has kept me entertained for years & years im not leavin them now, get it sorted!

  • Kasper28

    Hey dickheads japan’s psn isnt up. No ones psn is up. Sony doesnt know a date to when the will be restoring psn. And when they do we will only get a limited amount of use. No ps store. Only online gaming. Just wait because people getting mad over it aint gunna move sony any faster. Get a life go outside. Fuck#ng stupid fu#cs.


    Hey Sony …. I just want to thank you …. no really really Thank You ….. all those wasted evening playing on-line ( Black opts / NHL 2011/ Uncharted …. the list goes on ) . Me and my wife have gotten reacquainted since PSN has gone down. It seems to me she was right all those wasted eves playing on line . Come on PS nation don't worry if the system is still down FIND YOUR WIFE or FIND YOUR LIFE. ….. thanx sony …..

  • Adil Ali Shah

    wen is it back up for britian

  • Adil Ali Shah

    hopefully it'll be back up. I haven't been online for a year and the day I finally get back on was the day Sony was hacked. I suggest if you don't want your credit/debit card on file you should get a "prepaid debit card" less worries. Never will I retreat to a SUCK BOX 360 so keep up the good work Sony

  • Adil Ali Shah

    wen is it back up for britian

  • youraveragegameguy

    for something that is given to us for free, we cant say much but forgive and be grateful about the good news and compensation we are receiving. hopefully sony can fix this mess as soon as possible, and reassure people who has doubts about the future of PSN and other possible douchebag hackers, but as far as i know, you guys are doing a great job in keeping us ps3 fans happy. thanks a lot and keep up the awesomeness (Y)

  • swawn

    the psn has only been down for just about as long as it takes to send your redring brokebox 360 in for repairs so lets try to be a little patient hopefuly it will be up for brink hopefuly it is agrovating though!

  • killjoy

    it better be back up within a week or im gonna get real mad and go too xbox


    all u dumb fucks sayin ur sueing sony r just that lmao how the f*** u gonna sue sony 4 tryin 2 help u stupid…..2…. it aint even like itz sonys fault, did they hack themselves? okay then stfu go on wit ur lives and and get off sonys d***….. if russia bombed com ed would u sue com ed oh no better yet letz sue afganistan for knockin the twin towers down lmao there is a problem and they tryin 2 solve it just like sept.11 it takes time 2 redo ur whole infastructure so w8 and claim the f*** down and if u gotta problem with wtf i said hit me up on psn black ops ALL_I_DO_IS_WIN F****

  • soulster123

    so some of you want to waste your money on an xbox 360 when you already have a ps3 holy flying fuck be patient and wait for their psn to come back online handpalm to the face save up your money for somthing else or buy games.

  • cSAFsaf

    STOP THIS IS LIE… Psn is going to be back this week or next week for sure and I just bought a ps3 so this stupid i should of got the xbox 360 if this would of happened

  • Irrate gamer

    I just tried to log on to the PSN. It's NOT back up in Japan.

    This is taking a lot longer than I thought it would. It's already Friday.

  • Nichole

    I’m not really a complainer, but this truly has gone on long enough. I’m a woman , and a black ops zombie fanatic, and I can honestly say I’m getting pissed. This is ridiculous. It shouldn’t take this long, if you have the “more” people helping like you say you are. Im never playing xbox but it’s the point, this is like the internet shutting down, world wide, for three weeks, it just can’t go on that long. I did see in another psn blog that some people commented saying their psn was back up, which gives me hope, but let’s be real! It’s still going to take another week or two! But Sony, you’ve drug this out long enough, get on your job, and fix it! It shouldn’t take this long, rediculous!!!!!!! I’m getting very impatient as others are too, I see it as were committed fans, so you guys should really be doing all u can and doing it fast, for your fans! For your customers! You can’t give a set date, an average time, or anything! -over it!!

  • Billy Maloy

    tim, go back to journalism school and learn how to find real sources. idiot.

  • curtis griffin

    You psn people need to get this back up and running You were even lying to your customers last week and said that psn would be back up within a week. that week is long gone now and we as gamers are being let down people cant play black ops or get the new escalation map packs. or play socom 4 or motorstorm or portal 2 with co-op mode cmon and start working on this issue faster as my patience is running low and i might switch to xbox if the issue isnt done by monday may 9th you wouldnt want to lose one of your most devoted customers now would you??? Think about it sony you might be making a big mistake.

  • Jacobd

    Hi play skate 3 as well so when psn is back up add me and jjoin my Team

    my online nam is jacobdavidson96

  • The Truth

    i am not choosing sides or causeing a flame war about ps3 vs xbox and all that shit but, u can say all u want "Oh we should be grateful freeservice yeah ftw" etc, its not free, the whole idea of psn being down is because of the hackers and mainly the credit cards so u cant say its free its like saying if i stole your credit card brought a car on that card, u would switch to a xbox then no matter what so u guys cant say fuck all really can you. ?

  • Spencer

    Sony is doing all they can so anyone who hates Sony because of this
    incident is dirty fucked up piss pig… in the time it’s down play a game
    that doesn’t require online but is still fun… for example: my back up
    games are deadrising 2 and farcry 2!

  • wow

    "Ok so ive been using psn for a long time now, ive never had any problems with it ever and i doubt anyone else has had any other big problems. But seriously? Especially "Unhappy Costumer" That is just ridiculous, there is nothing i hate more than that kindof person. Its not like psn can do anything about it!!! They were hacked, and anyone can hack anything if they have enough experience by the way, and they arent tellling us an exact date, because even they dont know when its going back up. So dont get all pissy with them, they are just trying to fix a problem that theyve never had before. And im gonna say this again, psn has always been good, nothing like this has ever happended. So "Unhappy Costumer" F *** off and play the F ****** SUCK BOX if you want to, cause i sure as h*** dont want to be playing on the same internet server with you.
    PS- F *** you anomynous for taking the server down, you must think youre pretty cool. Pissing off millions of users for ur own personal wants. Go to F ****** different country and dont mess with psn

  • Brandon

    brought black ops couple days b4 PSN got hacked had the game shipd frm anotha city and the only reason why i brought it couse i play online so i started the carrer mode and finnshd it in 5 hours and neva playd black ops online only WAW, MW2 so hope not to much longer for the PSN is back online its realy boring at hme whn nufn to do…
    cheers (N.Z.)

    • Josh

      do combat training on black ops while you wait

  • nikki

    hi, I live in dumfries in scotland and we just relised that somebody has been trying to use our credit card to buy loads o stuff fae all over the world and was successful once ,[mainly america!!!!!!]so if you had accounts on there i would seriously phone your bank they will be able to tell you if your account is being tried too.the person who has our details was bying over the net,things like medicin from doctor sites ,iphone software ,somethuing from a france company ,software that gives free calls to america all day and evening and much more!!!I can assure you we dont just give our details out an the only way possible for these people to have got that info was by psn!!!!!!!Its an outrage that this has even happened bt for them to be stealing our money too just makes me ANGRY!!!We phoned playstation to let them know an they have said that they will deal with it bt only after network goes bk online which i think DEAL with it NOW!Anyway just thot id let you know.

  • Abdulkadir 'Almunia' Bataw

    this is just bullshit ova bullshit……
    if this Psn aint gana work till end of may …
    bye bye ps3….
    hello xbox!

  • BLaH8LaHBLaH

    ,.|.. o_O ..|., <== 2 fingers for PHoNY's HR & PR departments 1 each……
    all this pc gaming is giving me carpel tunnel are u gonna pay may DR. bills. I almost went outside today =–GASP–= c= dX_Xb