Samsung & AT&T Event Thursday: Galaxy S II US Release?

We have heard that Samsung Mobile and AT&T are to hold a joint event, this coming Thursday, May 5. While it’s not yet known exactly what we’ll be hearing we know what we’d like it to be about, the Galaxy S II U.S. release.

The Galaxy S II or (S2) is the phone that seems to be dominating the tech pages at the moment and we’ve now published many articles including a review roundup, a comparison between the Galaxy S II vs. the myTouch 4G Slide for T-Mobile and also a very minor criticism about the handset, the lack of a dedicated camera button. As said though, it’s anyone’s guess right now what the event could be for although Bonnie Cha over on Cnet speculates that as the event will feature product demos it’s safe to assume we’ll see news of a phone or tablet.

The invitation-only event is to take place in New York at 1pm PT, and Cha’s ideas on what we might see are news of the Galaxy S II coming to AT&T, an AT&T version of the Nexus S, or more news on the Samsung Infuse 4G. Sascha Segan over on PC Mag also reports on the Samsung and AT&T event and seems pretty assured that it’s for a phone launch. For more on his take on this story check out the PC Mag link above.

What are your thoughts about this joint event? What news would you most like to hear about? We think we’re pretty safe to assume that the majority of you want to hear a US release date for the Galaxy S II so let us have your thoughts on this by sending in your comments.

  • Doseofdave

    I am ready to upgrade and I want the S2. I have had the Samsung Blackjack, and still have an Blackjack 2, as well as an iPhone, and think they have been great phones and I think Samsung makes a quality product. I was severely disappointed after waiting forever for the Galaxy Tab to be released only to find that it was crippled by not having Bluetooth or the ability to make phone calls. If there would have been anything else that I wanted before or since then I would have gotten it. The S2 is the only phone that is of interest to me right now, at least on AT&T, whom I am planning on staying with. I would really like a keypad, but am willing to go without on the S2.