Rovio Boss Targets 100 Million Angry Birds Downloads In China

With the runaway success story of Angry Birds so far, the Rovio boss Peter Veserbacka has ambitiously aimed for a release in China with a target of a further 100 million game downloads.

The popular slingshotting game has received hundreds of millions of downloads across Europe and the US, and now Rovio are looking to expand the game to Asia, PC Mag has reported. Angry Birds was first introduced to iOS back in December 2009, and steadily gained more publicity before exploding to success before our very eyes. Will the same effect occur in china considering Angry Birds has been alleged to increase global warming?

It seems that China may be trying to get all of the good stuff, we reported that there were talks between Facebook and Baidu which would see a unique social network come to the country unlike our version. With China’s hundreds of millions of smartphone owners it would seem like a perfect plan to fly the Birds over to them, according to Arctic Startup.

Veserbacka has said that he wants to make Angry Birds “the leading entertainment brand by 2012.” This is very achievable as Rovio already offers the game’s merchandise like plush dolls and board games. You may have noticed that the animated movie Rio is even connected to Angry Birds; the game hit it off with over 10 million downloads in 10 days! Will Angry Birds be as big in China as it has been everywhere else? Leave us your views on this in the comments section.