Apple iPhone 5: Two Models Coming – Pro & Normal?

The Apple iPhone 5 is something that many people want to see but we have recently learned that it won’t be with us until around September. This is good if you are waiting for your contract to run out but bad if yours has already! Something we would point out is that the Internet is full of rumors about the new Apple device and we have another one to tell you about today.

We have just read over on that there may in fact be two models of the Apple iPhone 5 coming the Pro and Normal versions. It might seem to be quite farfetched at the moment but it’s not beyond belief especially if you are one of the many that believes Apple needs to give the new device a makeover and a shake up.

The original source of this information is the where their author has published an article talking about the reasons to believe there will be two versions. The only problem we have with some of the information that was shared is that when they say that Apple is ordering parts and then re-ordering them of a better quality, surely this relates to testing the device to get optimum performance out of it before releasing it.

We are thinking that if Apple is going to release the iPhone 5 then perhaps it won’t be too dissimilar to the iPhone 4 but with updated specifications including the A5 chip and perhaps NFC. We believe that it will pretty much have similar specs to the new iPad 2 with a few slight differences because of the size differences.

What do you guys think? Will there be two iPhone 5 models? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Haroun

    I think there'll be one iPhone 5, but I heard that Apple was working on a budget phone too.

  • Scotty Truman

    Knowing Apple, they always caught people by surprise. It doesn’t matter to them if they had just released their white iPhone 4 version last week. No one can stop them if they want to release the 5th generation iPhone in June. This is the downside of being an Apple fan. But considering that iPhone 5 will be released anytime soon this year, let’s just be a little more patient. Who wouldn’t want a dual-core device for their gaming needs?

  • Simon Owen

    Regarding contracts running out and having to wait, I was directed via ITProPortal to a UK re-seller who is giving you the iPhone 4 now to trade up for an iPhone 5 upon release.

    With the whole Japanese delay who knows whether September will be the release date? Hopefully.

    I've gone for ordering a SIM-free version as had only just taken a contract.

    • Smith

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  • Koowie

    Sounds like the 5 will be great. I plan to upgrade to it when it comes out.

  • soccergurrl

    im so excited for it to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • liana

    do i phone5 have a keyboard?????????????

  • Allen

    I really hope the iPhone 5 comes out in June because i recently dropped my 3G in chocolate and am currently using a Blackberry Pearl and i hate it. i have bean waiting for the 5 since the release of the 4

    • Jim

      I hope i5 is an improved telephone handset with sharper, clearer reception and no drop outs. I'm hanging onto my 3G in hope.