World’s Fair & Google Doodle: Anniversary Celebrated in Style

Here at OSM we enjoy the special Google Doodle’s that come along every now and then. These are used by Google to celebrate or commemorate an event, or indeed a person and today’s World’s Fair Google Doodle celebrates the very first World’s Fair, 160 years ago.

Recent examples of Google Doodles have been one for the Royal Wedding, another for the birthday of Audubon, of “Birds of America” fame and another for Earth Day, but today’s is especially to mark the anniversary of the first World Fair Expo which opened at Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, London, England on May 1, 1851. Known as the Great Exhibition, the idea for it came from Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria. The fair was an inspiration which showed off the latest technology and design at the time and countries across the world were represented.

The Google Doodle itself is a beautiful illustration incorporating the Google name as is usual. If you use your mouse you can zoom in to view particular sections as though using a magnifying glass, and see moving features, such as the fountain at the Crystal Palace. Exhibitions at the Great Exhibition itself included the Koh-i-noor diamond, which at that time was the world’s largest diamond and an early type of voting machine according to Ann Gripper of the Mirror. It also saw the first public lavatories built especially for the event.

The Great Exhibition was the forerunner for many World’s Fairs since and was hugely successful with over 6 million visitors. The Eiffel Tower also originated from a World’s Fair, this time the Paris 1889 Exposition Universelle. The last World’s Fair took place in China last year and the next is planned for South Korea in 2012. What are your thoughts on the first World’s Fair being noted by Google in this way? Did you enjoy the Google Doodle? Let us know with your comments.