Wayne Rooney Tweets Mock Up Image Of Him And Prince William

Twitter is growing pretty quickly, only recently we reported that it now has more than 200 million users signed up and one of them famously joined last week. That person is Wayne Rooney, this has been met with a mixed reception as he is one of the best English sports stars we have seen in a while but is a bit of a hot head at the best of times.

His enthusiasm that he shows on the pitch is astounding and he also comes across as a bit of a funny guy, especially so after he has uploaded a mock up image of him and Prince William on the weekend of the Princes wedding to Kate Middleton. Check it out below.

This comes a few days after he has revealed that his phone had been hacked by a newspaper where he was also supported by his wife Coleen Rooney with her comments. We also reported on how many people began to follow Rooney on Twitter on his first few days and it was up around the 150,000 marker, now it has rocketed even further and is pushing the 350,000 number which is pretty impressive.

We are confident that Rooney is going to become a serial tweeter much like his Manchester United and England teammate Rio Ferdinand, I for one just hope he keeps out of trouble on the site. He will have hopefully read the reports surrounding Ryan Babel and Carlton Cole where they were fined over things that they said and keep to staying close to the fans.

What do you think of the picture he uploaded? Do you think Rooney can stay out of trouble using social networking? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.