Twitter Top 10 Trends: Will Football Top It Again?

The time of the week has come again where we talk to you about what has been happening in the world of Twitter and what has been tweeted about a lot. That’s right; the votes have been counted and compiled courtesy of Matt Silverman over at Mashable.

Last week saw Football/Soccer take top spot
following El Classico and Sergio Ramos dropping the Spanish cup under the team bus. Onto this week’s Twitter top 10 trends and we are wondering if Football/Soccer can top it again or if it was a one off? We are also seeing where our predictions of World Earth Day and something to do with the PSN comes in.

Let’s jump right in at number 10 where NHL features because it’s time for the playoffs in the National Hockey League and also Andrew Ference was fined $2,500 for a gesture he made after a goal he scored. In 9th position is Harry Potter Movie Series as one of the stars who plays Ron Weasley smoking a bong, although Rupert Grint’s representatives claim that it’s a look-a-like. Check it out below.

This week’s number 8 spot goes to The Jude as the London based fans managed to get their hands on their latest single titled “HaHa Goodbye”. The 7th position went to another band, My Chemical Romance as their fans were working double hard to get them into the Twitter top 10 trends!

The 6th position goes to Soccer/Football as last week’s number 1 was talked about in regards to the old firm derby where Giorgios Samaras always excels and the one was no different as the Greek grabbed 2. Champions League matches were also a subject being talked about with Manchester United vs Shalke being amongst them. The midpoint in the chart, position 5 goes to Facebook after there was an update and people were discussing the new Facebook ‘Deals’.

The 4th position goes to NBA Playoffs where the NY Knicks lost against the Boston Celtics at Madison Square Garden and also about Kobe Bryant Slam Dunking over Emeka Okafor. We are now entering the top 3 and here we have The Royal Wedding which has had an unbelievable amount of coverage, remember you can check out our list of top 10 trending terms for the Royal Wedding too.

The person in 2nd position is one of the most popular people on Twitter, that’s right; who else could it be… The ‘Biebster’, Justin Bieber as he has managed to reach 9 million followers and his fans retweeted him as well as a massive number of people in Indonesia where he performed.

This week’s top position is vacated by none other than… Easter! The Christian celebration of Good Friday and Easter Sunday was in full effect with jokes being cracked on Facebook and special Epic Rap Battles of History being shown.

A big surprise this week that the PSN outage isn’t featuring but I think it might pop in there next week along with the Royal Wedding and Football/Soccer again, especially as we have the second leg between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Also something worth noting is the cut-off point for each Twitter chart is Thursday so the Royal Wedding we are expecting to be at the top next week.

What are your predictions for next week’s top 10 twitter trending topics? Do you think Royal Wedding will top next week’s chart? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.