Sexy Sax Man Prank Starts New Trend With YouTube Clip

We like anybody else enjoy moments of comedy that leave us with our sides splitting and that’s exactly what happened with a certain clip from YouTube. More and more hilariously funny clips are hitting the site such as Epic Rap Battles of History and the cute baby penguin being tickled.

There are also a number of other things making their way onto YouTube such as the cartwheeling Verger and the frowning bridesmaid from the Royal Wedding or cool clips like the new Call of Duty Zombies named Call Of The Dead. Today we wanted to talk to you about a new trend that has been set by the ‘Sexy Sax Man’ following his YouTube prank clip.

The video made tears roll down my cheeks as the semi-naked man played George Michael’s Careless whisper in a number of places that he probably shouldn’t. This clip was so popular that when it was added the guys over at the Huffington Post even featured it on their site.

We do feel a bit bad for some of the security guards that had to deal with this ‘Serial Sax Offender’ but we are also sure that it added something a little… different to their day. This clip has now received more than 4.5 million views since March 12th and of all the people in the video only the football fans showed him the appreciation he deserved! As always you can watch the video at the bottom of the article but if you do a simple search for ‘Sexy Sax Man’ you will also find a whole load of other people’s… performances.

What did you think of this priceless performance? Have you just found your next fancy dress outfit? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comments section below.