The White iPhone 4 Is Thicker Than The Black?

The white Apple iPhone has now been released which we are sure the entire world is relieved about as it has been a long time coming. Unfortunately there’s already talk of shortages of the device that so many people want and also it’s being compared to other smartphones as we knew it would like the Galaxy S 2.

Now there’s something else that we have read about over on Engadget and it’s about the white iPhone 4 being thicker than the black version which is making us wonder if it has the same innards in each color. The main problem with this is of course the tight fitting cases that the iPhone fits into will fit one iPhone 4 but not another.

According to’s Rene Ritchie the new white iPhone 4 measures in at 9.5mm where as the black one is at 9.3mm making an overall difference of 0.2mm. There’s a load of images in Rene Ritchie’s article that confirms this so make sure you have a peek at them.

Interestingly there’s not a mention of the white version being any thicker on the Apple page but it does have a disclaimer stating that the “Actual size and weight vary by configuration and manufacturing process.” It’s still not clear as to why one is thicker than the other although we are sure to find out sooner or later.

Would you choose the black device over its white co padre as cases will be more readily available and will fit better? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section below.