Wayne Rooney Reveals On Twitter His Phone Was Hacked

While many sports stars have taken to Twitter such as Rio Ferdinand to try and be closer to the fans and I guess also to stay in touch with their actual friends it quite often lands them in hot water. Take Carlton Cole from West Ham, he has recently been hit with a £20,000 for improper conduct for things he said on Twitter.

Now we turn our attention to another sports star who is perhaps the biggest in England that has recently joined Twitter, his name is Wayne Rooney. He has revealed on Twitter that his phone was hacked as told by BBC News UK. The young star tweeted “Scotland Yard detectives came to see me earlier and showed me some documents. Looks like a newspaper have hacked into my phone.”

He and his wife didn’t stop there, Rooney went on to tweet “Gonna get my lawyers to deal with phone hacking until end of season. So I can focus on helping MUFC win trophies. Thx for all ur support”. Coleen Rooney wrote on her page “Newspapers hacking into phones!! Desperate and Disgusting!!!!” Let’s be honest, she has hit the nail on the head there. The British media are killing the beautiful game by constantly trying to get the biggest and best story on the players that play here. What will happen is they will all pack their bags and go to play in other countries, Rooney’s teammate Michael Owen said similar things on his Twitter page recently.

We understand that the phone hacking is an invasion of privacy and we are certain that it will be dealt with appropriately but one thing that we wanted to bring up about Rooney is that he is a bit of a hot head at the best of times, a wonderful talent but sometimes lacks control. Therefore this is how we see things going for him with social networking in a pictorial style…

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