The Royal Wedding Gets David Beckham Approval Via YouTube

In just a matter of hours, the biggest wedding of this year is to take place in Westminster Abbey, it will be of course Prince William and Kate Middleton. The event which will be broadcast all over the world will be seen by millions of people and its not just the everyday person who will line the streets of London, watch TV or hold a party in their neighbourhood. Celebrities will also be involved and some have even given their messages of congratulations and good luck.

One such person is that of famous footballer David Beckham. Leaving from their home and boarding a plane at LAX airport as the reported, the Beckham’s have left to arrive in London just in time for the big day.

David Beckham took to his own Facebook page and gave a message of the big event by saying, “Our country needs this,” the video can be seen below courtesy of YouTube. He went on to say, “I think a Royal Wedding, its amazing. It really is amazing. Our country wants it. The British public love the Royal Family.”

He then went on to say, “I took my nan and grandad to Buckingham Palace when I got my OBE. They were so proud. It means so much to them. My grandad served his country and they were so proud of that.”

Over recent weeks, we have been bringing you news about how you can watch the wedding, an iPhone app, T-mobile spoof viral video, how to track the route via Google’s Earth 3D and so on.

Tell us what you are doing for the Royal Wedding? Have your organised a street party or are you watching it from the comfort of your own home? Let us know.

  • Ashish Sachdeva

    A Royal Wedding of Prince Williams wid Kate Middleton in Westminster Abbey, London.