Sony’s Japanese Blu-ray Plants All Set To Re-Open In May

It has not been a good start to the year for Sony. First there was the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami in Japan, where a number of their main operations are. Secondly they have been brought to their knees by an unknown hacker, who has stolen millions of people’s personal details and forced them to shut down the Playstation Network. Things may just be starting to look up as a reported 9 out of 10 Blu-ray production plants are operational.

The Japanese corporation was devastated by the natural disasters that hit the country and it has been spending time trying to get back on its feet. The good news is that Blu-ray manufacturing operations will be fully back to normal at the end of May, it has been reported by Reuters. According to Tech Radar, magnetic tape manufacturing operations are expected to resume around the end of July 2011.

Sony also has a conflict with LG over the PS3’s, as their rival had alleged that they infringed their patent. It was understood that LG were going to begin legal action against Sony. All of these negative factors have contributed to a bad reputation and fall in share prices. The PSN Outage is in the news everywhere and is causing a great deal of frustration and inconvenience for users, as credit card information was potentially obtained by the intruder.

At least now Sony can focus on positives to come, such as the re-opening of some manufacturing plants. Their primary objective at the moment must be to get the PSN back online to at least calm down the millions of customers they have made unhappy. It will take a lot for Sony to regain the trust of all their users, we will see what happens soon. Leave us your thoughts on Sony’s dreadful start to the year in the comments below. Is the re-opening of Blu-ray plants a step in the right direction?