Royal Wedding 2011 Tweet-Free Zone

From the very beginning when the first announcement came through that Prince William was to marry his love Kate Middleton on 29th April (tomorrow), the internet has been going crazy with updates to the big day. As well as celebrating the huge event ourselves here at OSM, we have been bringing you various pieces of news including a rundown of where you can watch the wedding in terms of websites including YouTube and TV channels, the affect that the big day has on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, news of a Royal guard being fired from the big day, an iPhone app, Google Earth 3D route of the ceremony, a T-Mobile spoof viral YouTube video and so on.

Today its news from Mashable that security has of course been stepped up, along with information that guests attending the wedding will not under any circumstances will able to use their mobile handsets to take photos or tweet messages. This comes as signal-blocking technology has been installed inside Westminster Abbey to avoid any videos, photos and so on being taken and then falling into the wrong hands.

As reported the idea has been implemented by the Royal Family themselves and the police force. Yahoo were informed that the technology will be set up with its commencement to take place early Friday morning.

If we just revert back to social networking site Twitter for one moment, we can tell you that the site has been inundated with wedding tweets and on average over the last week, some 5,000 if not more tweets have been sent per hour.

Tell us are you celebrating the big day tomorrow and how? Perhaps you are making your way to London or having a street party? Let us know.