Pioneer HDJ-500T-K: Multi-Function Headphones At A Decent Price

Different sound systems and headphones have become something that we at OSM like to bring you regularly. Some of the previous reports include the Justin Bieber Monster Beats headphones, a set of Pioneer headphones that cut out the noise, the zip ear buds that kick out tangling and of course the i-Mego Retro headphones.

Now we have a new set of cans to talk to you about and they are the Pioneer HDJ-500T-K multi-functional headphones and they come at a pretty price. We first learned of these bad boys through Engadget’s report that was written by their author Sean Buckley where he talks about the cord and how DJs will like the different styles.

Sure enough being able to interchange between the different cords such as a coiled one or a straight one with a microphone with an answer button will surely come in handy as you can take calls while you are wearing them.

They come in a range of colors such as black with red accents, black with silver accents and a sleek white with a silver accent. You can read more about them over at the Pioneer DJ official site on this link but they are a winner in our books and a steal at $145! You can expect to pick them up in May so sit tight until then. You can also check out the product sheet here.

What do you think of these headphones? Will you be picking up a set of your own? Let us know in the comments section below.