Football Baby Signed By Dutch Club After YouTube Skills Video

YouTube is a place where stars are born! Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black and now Baerke van der Meij; oh have you not heard of him? Well that is most likely because he is an 18 month year old toddler.

The Dutch baby has become an overnight star as video footage of his skills emerged on YouTube. Representatives from Dutch club VVV-Venlo saw the video and rushed to sign the youngster, with a 10 year contract being put in place, according to Yahoo. The year and a half old football prodigy is filmed kicking balls into a toy box with great accuracy and without fail. It is unheard of for a professional football club to sign a player so young.

VVV-Venlo dressed young Meij up into one of their yellow home shirts and then let him scribble a signature onto a novelty contract. The club has described the signing as “a publicity stunt” and merely “symbolic.” The talented toddler is probably unaware of what has just happened, however it is likely he has a bright future ahead of him in the years to come. Yesterday we saw a football related viral video of a wheelchair bound fan invading the pitch.

We can tell by the video that Meij prefers his right foot and has impressive accuracy for someone so young. We are also sure he is good at dribbling, pun intended. You can watch Meij in action, in the video we have embedded below. Who knows, one day the little lad’s name could be as common as Messi’s. Leave us your thoughts on this story in the comments below.