Facebook Status Updates: What Not To Share

When it comes to Facebook there are a number of guidelines that should be followed to ensure firstly that you are safe on the site and secondly that you aren’t spamming the heck out of your friends. To keep safe you should update your privacy settings so that you are happy with them or if you are a parent then help protect your young family member with some software such as ZoneAlarm’s SocialGuard.

This brings us nicely onto Facebook Status Updates and what not to share. At special times of the year such as Easter, where it’s pretty acceptable to add in some comedy, you know, tell a joke or something. But remember, your status update may pop up from time to time as Facebook is currently re-testing the memorable status updates.

There are quite a few things that are probably best left floating around your mind rather than the social networking scene as they can certainly get you into trouble, take the guard who said some nasty things about Kate Middleton only a few days before her Royal Wedding. Over at allfacebook.com one of their authors has added an article with some pretty funny ones that are best left off your Facebook page.

Some of our favorites include “Why are my husband’s toes so hairy?” which could be made worse by replacing ‘husband’s’ with ‘wife’s’ and “I was a bed wetter till age 19.” But one thing we want to bring up is many people start to de-friend others because of the number of pointless status updates that come through, you know the ones every hour from certain people in your list like “Just had a choc-ice” and “OMG my son is nearly 4-years old!

What do you think guys and gals? What things have you seen posted on Facebook that would be better left alone? Tell us in the comments section below and remember, keep it clean!

  • Dorien

    I'd stay away from politics, bodily function updates and too much bragging.

  • Nevin Mann

    Sorry, but this post is useless dribble.

  • Denise

    aww def not useless dribble!! headline definitely caught my eye and there are a host of things i wish people would stop posting… foursquare and foursquare look a likes for starters!! and things about the weather. unless tsunami or tornado… don't really care! :o)