Apple’s iPad Gets 4OD Update- Xbox Live Next?

For those of you who own an iPad and love catch up TV, you should be very pleased with this next bit of news. Channel 4’s on demand service 4OD is now available on Apple’s tablets, and there is a good chance that the service could soon be coming to Xbox Live.

The 4OD app will be free to download due to ad funding by Heineken, it has been reported by Tech Radar. The iPad’s lack of compatibility with Adobe’s flash could mean that specially designed apps are the only way for users to watch internet TV. Channel 4’s head of on demand video, Sarah Milton has described the increasingly popular catch up services as a “significant market.”

Utalk Marketing has reported that only the latest “catch up” programs will be available for viewing at first. Typically these are shows that have been broadcast in the first week or month. Regular 4OD users will know that a host of shows up to a year after broadcast can be caught up on. Eventually more content will be added to the iPad version of the service, so it will look more like the regular version.

It is also likely that 4OD will offer their catch up service to Microsoft, despite Sky being the only broadcaster so far to show interest in offering content through Xbox Live. 4OD is still available through Sony’s PS3, despite the PSN hacking turmoil. iPad owners tell us if you are pleased by the offering of 4OD and your new ability to catch up on some of the best shows around.