ZoneAlarm SocialGuard: Stamping Out Cyberbullying

Something that is a bit of a problem throughout the world is bullying and with the way the world is moving towards social media it’s no coincidence that bullying has gone with it. For anyone who was bullied at school or at work you will know how it makes you feel or how it did along with how badly it can knock your confidence amongst other things.

This is the reason why Casey Heynes aka Casey The Punisher’s YouTube video was so popular. Casey was a child who was being bullied at school he was being punched and picked on again and he lost control, he picked up the other kid and powerbombed him WWE style onto the hard concrete prompting the whole world to stand up to bullying. Now we have something that can help parents to keep an eye on and stamp out cyberbullying from ZoneAlarm with the SocialGuard.

We first learned of this through’s Julie D. Andrews who tells us that as many as one in five teenagers in the U.S. come into contact with bullies or online predators with some of it coming through Facebook as predicted by Enter ZoneAlarm’s SocialGuard, this clever piece of software could be the answer to your worries as a parent but will also allow your child to use the likes of Facebook safely.

The program works by scanning profiles and the normal communication methods that anyone would use with some algorithms to locate potential threats. For just $1.99 per month can you afford not to pay it? There’s also the option of $19.99 for a whole year and if you would like to learn about the different features it has head over to their official page and you can also watch the video at the bottom of the article.

What do you think of monitoring your kids in this way? Do you wish you had this previously? Tell us in the comments section below.