Verizon LTE Network Outage 3G but not 4G: Are You Affected?

Every now and again, but not too often, we inform our readers of a Verizon outage and unfortunately today is one of those days. However it seems that the outage at present is only affecting the Verizon LTE Network and 3G but not 4G connectivity is available.

Problems with the Verizon 4G LTE network are being reported from across the U.S. and Vlad Savov over on Engadget tells us that they tried a 4G connection earlier in San Francisco and as reported, failed to get 4G connectivity, although 3G seemed fine. Others have noted failure for both 3G and 4G calls though but Engadget notes that this is most likely due to a previously existing problem with the HTC Thunderbolt.

Other Thunderbolt users have been left perplexed by the LTE outage and Droid Attic contacted Verizon and received confirmation of a nationwide outage, which the company says is only affecting some Thunderbolt owners. Meanwhile Phandroid points out that Verizon will be very keen to get this solved quickly as the second 4G phone for the LTE network is to be launched tomorrow, that would be the Droid Charge.

We’re interested to hear if you’ve been affected by the 4G outage on Verizon so please do send us your comments and tell us where you are so that we can get an idea of how widespread a problem this is.

We have heard through Engadget that Verizon has acknowledged the problem with a tweet and says it is working to resolve the issue with 4G LTE quickly. We’ll let you know if we hear more.

  • Frank

    As of this morning (April 29, 2011) 4G access has been restored here in Annapolis. Have been connected to 4G all morning without issue per my LG VL600 4G LTE modem. Is running as rock solid as it always has here. In fact, the VZAccess Manager software appears to be running better as well. Prior to the outage VZAccess Manager would routinely hang when I attempted to disconnect and shut the software down. I'd then have to end the process via Task Manager instead. To my suprise I've been unable to replicate the issue today. Very pleased.

  • jms83

    Sunday, May 5, 2011 @ 9:40 AM CST
    I'm located in Northeast Alabama in the area which was devastated by tornadoes on April 27. We have been without power until about 2:30 AM CST on April 30.
    Since early this morning, WE HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO VERIZON SIGNAL, COVERAGE, ACCESS, ETC. I have emailed VZW, I searched for the Live Chat option only to discover that this feature is unavailable (closed) on Sunday.
    Lilke many others, we disconnected our home phone years ago and we only have cell phones. I can't find ANYTHING or ANYONE online addressing this outage. For the monthly fee paid to Verizon by us, we should have our own CSR on standby in the front yard…

  • Steven Mills

    It is 01:36 CDT. At 01:18 CDT, a Verizon technical support supervisor confirmed ANOTHER MAJOR 4G LTE outage. At this time, there is no ETA for the correction of this problem.

    This has me a bit nervous about Verizon’s ability to provide a quality high-speed internet experience. Opinions?

  • Rickiecutshaw

    I live in brentwood ca and my wireless 4g card is not giving us any internet as of today. Was working fine last night but its giving us a constant Purple light.

  • Reb1079us

    Verizon Bionic user in White Plains (Westchester County), NY – very spotty 3G & 4G have been using WiFi for last couple of weeks! I was better off with my original DROID.

  • Dorisvasquez78

    im in imperal california and i cant call or recieve calls only txt when will this be fixed?