Sony PSN Gamers Unite In Rage: Security Breach Announced Sooner?

As the Sony PSN outage continues from last Wednesday 20th April, many gamers are feeling not only a huge wave of disappointment but now it seems pure rage. This no doubt stems from finding out that the PSN downtime is due to hackers invading the service, which in turn could have compromised users personal account information such as credit/debit details.

From the very beginning, here at OSM we have been bringing you news as it comes in, we asked you the user whether you would consider paying for a more secure service as the current PlayStation Network is indeed free, we spoke about the possible external intrusion and that the network had suffered a LOIC attack, leading to damage of the server which as we said could result in personal information being breached. Today according to gamers seem to be united in the way they are presently feeling, so much so that they have attacked Sony for the way in which the entire problem has escalated and the lack of communication between Sony and its customers.

Feelings have been aired as to why users have had to wait for a week to be told that a security breach as hit the PSN, with some saying that stricter privacy laws need to be addressed, with chair of Electronic Frontiers Australia “Colin Jacobs” saying that “The incident highlighted the need for legislation making it mandatory for companies to publicly announce a security breach as soon as happens.” He then went on to say “At the moment, companies can wait two days, five days, or more than a week, to let people know.” We need to have an Australian law in place so that if a company knows that private information has been breached, they have to let the public know straight away.”

This as you can appreciate is just one comment from Australia, this is without comments from others around the globe. The advice for people although this may be a little too late is to change passwords, user names and pins on a frequent basis.

In some interesting comments from Sony users, stated that one user by the name of Brendan Hill had said that he himself “Will not buy any online products from Sony in the future, and of how disappointed he felt with Sony’s lack of communication.”

Sony it seems have hit back with a statement on their PlayStation page saying, “It was necessary to conduct several days of forensic analysis, and it took our experts until yesterday to understand the scope of the breach.”

What are your thoughts on this? Have you been affected? Should companies like Sony make customers aware of a security breach as soon as it happens, and do laws need to be enforced to get them to do this?