Sony PSN Affected: Words Of Advice To Keep Protected

Sony’s PSN outage has been down since last Wednesday 20th April thanks to the service being hacked, and as well as gamers not being able to access it, users are now faced with the threat of having their credit/debit card, address and phone number information falling into the wrong hands.

For the last week we have been bringing you updates as well as asking whether you would pay for a secure network, have you turned to Xbox Live to play your games, what questions if granted would you be asking Sony and so on. With confirmation from Sony that the network was sabotaged by hackers and at this present time no official word as to when the service will be up and running, we wanted to give you a quick rundown as to what you can do to protect yourself now and in future times.

Earlier today we gave you news that gamers around the world were voicing their anger towards Sony and the way in which they have handled the outage and the lack of communication. As well as this some have already asked the question whether stricter privacy laws should be brought in, and legislation implemented making it mandatory for companies to publicly announce when a security breach takes place.

The first point to make as Pocketlint stated, is that your current PSN password can not be used due to the significant outage problem. Although it can not be used on this network, you may want to think about changing it if its the same ID and password for other gaming accounts, email and banking services. Advice is to change your PSN password when the service resumes.

Secondly in relation to credit cards, on receiving statements it is advisable to scrutinize them against purchases and if at all worried contact your credit card company and tell them your concerns. As reported by many, be careful as to what emails you open and if you feel the urge to see the content, then be extra cautious as fraudsters can now make emails look identical to bank statements.

Once the PlayStation Secure Network is in fully working order once again, be sure to check your profile. Look through any downloaded games or purchases just in case they have been tampered with. Although not official, if any games for instance are missing, then as Pocketlint reported, Sony may and we do say may, refund you for any lost content.

Last but not least, coming back to the earlier question we posed to our readers, which was have you been turning to Xbox Live for your gaming fix? If the answer to this is yes, then it may be worthwhile changing your password just in case Microsoft should suffer the same fate.

Have you been affected? Is this anything you have changed since PSN’s downtime started?