Sony Clarifies PSN Outage With Q&A Page: Missed Anything?

Ok frustrated Sony followers, we are aware that there have been quite a few updates now and you are possible getting sick of hearing it but until the service is back up and running you will want to know the latest news.

So far we have reported on different aspects of what has been going on at Sony HQ where the network has been externally infiltrated which has forced Sony to re-build the entire infrastructure as well as talking about how Sony are unsure as to what details have been swiped (your credit card details may have been). Now we can inform you that Sony has attempted to clarify the PSN outage with a Q&A page and we are wondering if they have missed anything that you want to know about.

We heard about the Q&A page through the latest update on the PlayStation blog from Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media Patrick Seybold. You can see this update below where he is talking about when they learned of the compromise in their security blanket and that they took the network down when they learned of the intrusion.

Unfortunately when the downtime kicked off it was the release day of the new Mortal Kombat game so unfortunately you won’t have been able to play against your friends yet over the network, since then Portal 2 has been released with a highly anticipated online mode. Make sure you check out the Q&A page on this link but make sure you let us know what you think of it.

PS3 users, do you think anything has been missed from the Q&A page by Sony? What do you still want answers to? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • kjss

    im outraged

  • David

    My question would be "back in Feburary, a goup of hackers released what is known as "Call of Privacy: Modern Spyware By PlayStation Network" an article discussing the security of the Playstation Network (google it and ye shall find), Sony must have been aware of these findings but by the looks of it did BUGG*R ALL to change anything about their own system… why was this ignored?"

    I would also ask why it took them 9 days to discover that the personal data of its 77 MILLION users may have been compremised? I have had networks hacked before and my first port of call (after taking the system offline ) is to see if any of my data was broken into, changed, copied etc.

  • Anon

    I think that this FAQ is absolutely useless. The entire thing is full of general questions that people need to know, though the only replies were “we can’t answer this” followed by continuous rambling about them investigating this. They arent even sure if they will refund or compensate. So all in all, you shut down your service for tens of millions because your security was breached (should have been better in the first place), and for the most part, it seems that psn was shut down for an investigation. Problem about this is that they will never find the one who did this. If you can hack something like playstation, you can probably cover your tracks. I can guarantee, if my credit card is charged anything unusual, my lawyers will know.