Royal Wedding Social Media Interest: Twitter & News Statistics

We’ve been bringing you tons of news about the Royal Wedding, now only two days away on April 29, and only yesterday gave details of where you can find live streaming, Twitter and Facebook coverage and more. Now we have some news on Royal Wedding social media interest evolving from Twitter and news statistics.

There’s no doubt that this is a big deal for many people across the world with an estimated 2 billion set to watch the proceedings on TV and unsurprisingly that level of interest is reflected in the chatter on social networking sites and in the media. Lauren Indvik over on Mashable tells more about this and notes that news stories indexed by Bing on the Royal Wedding, now total around 7 million per day, that’s seven times more than at the beginning of the month.

Blog posts have also doubled from earlier in the month, now up to around 102 million. Even on eBay the interest is reflected with Royal Wedding-related items tallying 400,000 this week along, up from 7,435 in the middle of February. Taking a look at YouTube it appears that videos tagged with Royal Wedding-related words now total around 460,000 every day.

In the U.S. the attention about the wedding is even greater than that in the U.K. with tweets about the wedding from the U.S making up 40% of English language tweets about the special occasion. That compares to 31% from the U.K., 8% from Canada, 6% from Australia and others, according to Trendrr. One thing that is notable is that per capita the tweets from the U.S. are mostly originating from small American towns as opposed to cities. Maybe this is because people living in small towns are more likely to have old-fashioned traditional values, but that’s just my take on it.

Tweets about the wedding over the last week have averaged around 5,000 per hour with 46% of the sentiment being positive, 43% neutral and only 12% negative. What are your thoughts on the amount of social media interest for Friday’s marriage between Prince William and Kate Middleton? Will you be tweeting on the day? Let us know with your comments.