Kate Middleton’s Facebook Account Suspended

In the week of the Royal Wedding there has been some unusual news that we at OSM heard about and reported on, some of it includes a guard who said some idiotic things about Kate Middleton on Facebook and of course already we have told you of another Kate Middleton being banned from the popular social network.

It certainly is the worst week if you use your Facebook account or want to set one up if your parents named you Kate Middleton as Mark Zuckerberg’s security will ban your account if your try to set it up this week. As informed by allfacebook.com’s Meredith Singer it’s hitting people already signed up too!

The innocent party is from Boston and unfortunately for her has the same name with the same spelling as the woman due to marry the Prince of Wales this week. The account has been suspended since January and the Facebook team has untagged her in all her photos… Ouch.

Now the Boston Middleton is using the name similarity to her advantage as she is taking part in a bike tour from Boston in which they are raising money for Multiple Sclerosis. Middleton has said that if she raises at least $10,000 then she will still go ahead with the tour except not on her bike. Instead she has promised that she will grab a Prince William look-a-like, wear a wedding dress and ride a tandem bicycle with her Prince.

Have you heard of people with the same name as a celebrity or icon whose social media profiles have been removed? Tell us in the comments section below.