iPhone 4 Added To Three’s All You Can Eat PAYG Tariff

Apple’s popular iPhone 4 smartphone has become available on Three’s unlimited data usage pay as you go tariff.

Users who dont like contracts and do like all you can eat internet should be pleased with this new offering from Three. The iPhone 4 on PAYG is being sold for £499.99 or £599.99, depending on whether you want the 16GB or 32GB model. Cnet has reported that users are required to top up £15 per month and in return get 300 voice call minutes and 3,000 texts.

It looks like everyone is going for an all out iPhone 4 sales fest before the launch of the highly anticipated 5th generation smartphone in a few months. Apple’s iPhone has been the best selling handset of the past few years and has contributed to Apple’s jaw dropping Q1 earnings of over $3 billion! The iPhone 5 will most certainly be as successful as previous models and make Apple’s mountain of money a lot bigger.

The other big network providers are also offering their iPhone 4 internet PAYG deals but are they as tempting? Orange are dishing up “free internet” for £10 a month, but it is limited to 250MB plus unlimited Wi-Fi for the first 12 months. O2 give 500MB of data plus unlimited Wi-Fi access if you top up £10 per month, with Vodafone offering the same with the exception of a 1GB Wi-Fi cap.

Last but not least, T-Mobile are providing unlimited internet data for 12 months in exchange for a £10 monthly top up. The only catch is that there is a 500MB restriction on streaming videos and uploads/downloads. Three’s deal looks like the pick of the bunch, would you agree? Leave us your thoughts on the iPhone 4 all you can eat internet deal.