HTC Sensation New Keyboard: Surprises with Swype Style Feature

In what seems like a short space of time the HTC Sensation has garnered a lot of attention and is one of the upcoming handsets that has really got people talking. We’ve written about it many times but news comes to us today that the HTC Sensation is to feature a new keyboard, with Swype-style use, known as HTC Trace.

Among our recent posts we’ve compared the HTC Sensation to the Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo, told of release details, graphics tests and given a roundup of hands-on reviews and also specs, so check out the links if you want to find out more on those particular aspects. This time though we’re concentrating on the new keyboard, details of which were brought to us from Alex Dobie over on Android Central. The Swype-like capability of the new keyboard is a previously unseen new feature of HTC Sense 3.0.

HTC is calling this development HTC Trace and only a very early example was available on previous hands-on experiences with this handset. Trace is not a default option and needs to be activated on the settings screen for the keyboard. The basic idea of Trace is to allow users to ‘trace’ a line through letters to type a word and there are also options available to allow for your accuracy with tracing, by enabling you to vary the thickness of the tracing line for example.

It looks likely that this new feature will be available on future HTC Sense 3.0 devices and although it could take a bit of getting used to, we reckon it could be pretty nifty. In fact Quentyn Kennemer on Phandroid tells more about how to use this feature and asserts that after a while it feels very natural. The HTC Sensation already looks set to be a big hit and features such as this could make it even more popular. We’d like to know your thoughts on the Sensation and this Swype-style feature so please do send us your comments.