Space Shuttle Endeavour’s Final Flight: Tweeters Special Pass

Online social networking site Facebook is still placed at number one with some 600 million active users, but rival Twitter is still proving popular with not just the everyday person but celebrity figures as well. This time around, instead of the site being used as a way of having a good old rant, announcing a specific event and so on, it is being used along with NASA and its fans.

Space Shuttle Endeavour will rocket up into the sky for its last and final mission on 29 April at 6.47 pm. Launching from Cape Canaveral, NASA with the aid of Twitter has given out some 150 free behind-the-scenes passes to lucky tweeters.

Back in March as reported, NASA opened its account for people to register with the opportunity to not only take a look around the Kennedy Space Center, wear a spacesuit but to see the Endeavour released into space from a commanding view. On 15th March NASA tweeted, “You could see a space shuttle launch in person at a #NASATweetup,” which followed on through to a registration site. This then closed down after 24 hours.

A staggering 4,100 applied from around the world with 150 being randomly selected. As latimes stated, the applicants will be coming from around the globe including America, Australia, NZ and so on.

Another event to note down on your calendar will be held at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, for this you need to register from 26 April at noon when it will be open for 24 hours, click here for more details.

Tell us did you apply or are you one of the lucky 150? Let us know.